T.A.M. Flys Puig into Compton High School

Through its positive vibrations program, Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM), will be flying MLB outfielder and President of The Wild Horse Children’s Foundation, Yasiel Puig, into Compton High School for a special career day presentation. Puig will be joined by a 97 year old original Tuskegee Airman Ted Lumpkin, who will both be flown in via helicopter. The presentation will promote athletics alongside education as well as introducing students to the rewarding field of aviation.

Students will also be invited to TAMs annual aviation career expo on May 13th held at the Compton/Woodley Airport. This event spotlights major aviation organizations, allows students to learn from professionals in the industry, and provides job opportunities through a job fair.

Yasiel Puig Valdés is a Cuban professional baseball right fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. Yasiel’s humble beginnings and struggle to make it into MLB inspired him to give back. In order to better execute his dream of giving back to his community and to stay true to his fans, Yasiel has launched "The Yasiel Puig Wild Horse Children’s Foundation", a not for profit organization whose goal is to provide sports equipment, uniforms and educational tools to underserved communities and families.

TAM uses aviation in its after-school educational programs as an alternative to self- destructive behaviors such as gang violence and drug abuse. Its positive vibrations program provides career days to select schools to show students a productive pathway to success.

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